Sweet Revenge: What Trump Would Do in a Second Term

In Newsweek


From my cover story in the Nov. 4, 2022, issue of Newsweek

The specifics of Trump 47’s policies—to the extent that Trump bothers with policies—are a matter of speculation. But some broader actions seem certain, according to current and former Trump insiders interviewed by Newsweek: avoiding his first-term approach of appointing people who might protect him from his worst instincts and instead packing the administration with loyalists; trying to get a firmer grip on the military with an eye to consolidating power; drastically shrinking the civil service and throwing a steady diet of red-meat culture-war goodies at his base….Read more

One thought on “Sweet Revenge: What Trump Would Do in a Second Term

  1. James hughes says:

    So trump is vindictive, no surprise there. The rest of your article is pure speculation. I wish I could say that a trump hit piece would come out a week before the midterms. I don’t see trump ever getting to a second term mostly because of his big mouth and he would be a lame duck from the beginning. Democrats will never work with him. That makes your wild imagination for a third term laughable. Here I will also speculate that trump moves back to the democrat party.

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