My last book was WRONG. You can learn more about it here.







My previous book was A Perfect Mess9780316114752_388X586. It’s about how disorganization and messiness can be good things. It was featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time, and on the Today show, CBS Sunday Morning and National Public Radio, and more than a hundred other publications and shows. A Perfect Mess was co-authored by Eric Abrahamson. You can find it on Amazon here, and Barnes & Noble here.


Here are three other books I authored:


Corps Business: The 30 Management Principles of the U.S. Marines

A novel approach to management guidance….Highlights universal truths about leadership.
–The San Francisco Chronicle

A helpful primer for CEOs, surprisingly sophisticated….A full dose of gritty anecdotes and colorful characters.
–Washington Business Forward

Recommended reading
–BusinessWeek, Fortune, and Fast Company



At Large: The Strange Case of the World’s Biggest Internet Invasion
(co-authored with Charles C. Mann)

Spine-chilling….reads like a John Grisham novel.
–Time Digital

An absorbing page-flipper.




How Scientists Are Moving Beyond Computers To Create a Rival to the Human Brain

Candid interviews, and clear, precise explanations.
–The New York Times

In fluid prose, renders fuzzy ideas clear, paints vivid picture of out-there researchers, and tells a truly engaging story.


Here are four notable collections of writing in which works of mine are included:



NortonReaderCoverThe Norton Reader

The classic reader that has introduced millions of students to the essay as a genre.





The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2020BestSciWriting2020

(Michio Kaku, Editor)





Mysteries of Life and the Universe: New Essays from America’s Finest Writers on Science (William H. Shore, Editor)

David Freedman’s “Quantum Liaisons” is a model of expository writing on deep science for a general audience.
–Publisher’s Weekly




The Best American Science and Nature Writing (Mary Roach and Tim Folger, editors)bestamersciwriting

[David Freedman’s article] is a bucket of ice water to the face
–Mary Roach

An extraordinary article….the buzz of Twitter
–Center for Advancing Health

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