Here are links to the online versions of some of the older articles I’ve written, and in a few cases to images of the print versions. Some of my most recent articles are featured on the “Latest Articles” page (which is the home page), and others are on the “Selected Articles” page. The following is only a sampling; if you’re looking for more articles of mine, try a Google (or other) search that includes “David H. Freedman.”

Older Feature Articles

The Perils of OrderNewsweek (International Edition), Mar. 5, ’07
What goes wrong when the leaders of nations try to neaten up the world
Mitchell Baker and the Firefox Paradox, Inc. Magazine, Feb. ’07
How Mozilla is rewriting the rules of management
The Future of AdvertisingInc. Magazine, Aug. ’05
The coming explosion in intelligent advertising
Why Privacy Won’t MatterNewsweek (International Edition), Apr. 3, ’06
Cover story on why you’ll let Google, Yahoo and other companies track you
Relax. Let Your Guard DownInc. Magazine, Aug. ’06,
The benefits of not patenting things
The Future of NASADiscover, Sep. ’06
Cover story on why NASA should skip the moon and head to Mars
Burt Rutan: Entrepreneur of the YearInc. Magazine, Jan. ’05
Cover story on aerospace designer and private space exploration pioneer Burt Rutan
Chasing Cancer, Newsweek (International Edition), Sep. 19, ’06
A new approach to cancer research
Reinventing the MouseNewsweek, Jul. 7, ’03 (Domestic and International editions)
The role of genetically engineered mice in drug research
The Virtual HeartTechnology Review, Mar. ’04
The software heart that could save your life
Extreme StargazingThe Atlantic, Mar. ’00
Astronomy’s all-night marathon
When Is a Planet Not a Planet? The Atlantic, Feb. ’98
An early dispatch from the battle over Pluto. Neil deGrasse Tyson credits this article with inspiring him to take the lead in the ultimately successful campaign to “demote” Pluto.


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