Time for a third party?

In Newsweek

Everything Liz Cheney Has Said About Trump

From my article in Newsweek, posted May 12, 2021

Republicans have stripped Liz Cheney of her leadership role, following her outspoken repudiation of former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud. Which raises a question: Might Cheney, along with other prominent Republicans on the outs with the party because they have withheld fealty to the former president, mount their next election bids as independents—or even form a third party? The odds may be better than you think….Read more

One thought on “Time for a third party?

  1. James Pearce says:

    I would back a third party which embraces the idea of leaving people alone as long as they hurt no-one else, keep nothing secret except in war, redistrbute wealth and income only openly and for specific purposes to be oppenly discussed and debated and hold individuals financially responsible for any and all harm they do to anyone and anything.

    This sounds like a traditional conservative and in most ways it is. The problem with the current Republican Party is it doesn’t follow most of them, and instead is acting as a crooked referee for its home team. The Republican Party appears to have abandoned the idea of fair play and instead embraced special interest politics and policies. At this point it has no morsl high ground and given bias based on tradition and wealth, actually is like the proverbial rich man attemptimg to get into heaven thrugh the eye of a needle.

    In regard to the third rail of politics however, abortion, I do not have a solution as there currently is no way to seperate the rights of the potential person, the fetus and the woman gestating them, except at certain points when a women is unlikely as to know she is pregnant.

    As such, until there is a way to consistantly severe this relationship I cannot agree with the idea that the state has the right to force its will on an individual woman to continue with a pregnancy, but rather that until there is viability, the state must refrain from getting involved.

    And so I wonder, are there any true conservatives who really are interested in a true return to conservatism of small government acting as an honest referee and facilitating the common good, or are there simply a bunch of somewhat conservatives who like crony capitalism, being able to force their religious beliefs on others and keeping what they have for themselves and theirs at almost any cost who simply fimd Donald Trump gross, digusting and an embarrassment.

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