Can Biden Fix Healthcare?

In Newsweek

A Healthcare and Public Health Shakeup Is on Democrats’ Agenda

From my cover story in the March 12, 2021, edition of Newsweek

America has a long, sorry record of neglect, poor organization, underfunding, and misplaced priorities when it comes to public health. Add to those woes the sky-high cost of health care, uneven access and relatively poor outcomes, and it’s clear the American public has been living for decades with a health system that is failing. Can Joe Biden get American health back on track?….Read more

2 thoughts on “Can Biden Fix Healthcare?

  1. James Pearce says:

    There will continue to be opposition from those who benefit from not competing with those of limited income and wealth. Having good health is a tremendous advantage that is is in many ways more important than any benefit to the wealthy of making a profit (as holders of equity stakes in for profit medical businesses) or in avoiding income transfers (taxes) to support others.

    And, a robust and efficient public health care system would actually free up Capital and reduce the cost of Capital. Additionally a public health care system would enable workers to more easily change jobs, creating a more even playing field with employers increasing the employees bargaining power and new businesses and the entrepreneurs behind them would need less capital to ensure their employees have adequate health care, this increasing competition. All of this would further reduce the power and influence of current business owners/controlers and make it harder for them to remain in positions of profitability and control.

    And so in order to continue the action of business owners/controlers to avoid a true meritocracy in favor of a system of a familial and friend based association system that they have been trying to expand through the erosion of public institutions of all types this will be fought vigorously.

    I would expect pretty soon they will try to fund media of all types glorifying Private Medical care, possibly linking it (falsely) with the publicly researched, directed and funded Vacinations for Covid-19.

    • storyadmin says:

      Thanks for these thoughts, James. Certainly there will be stiff opposition to any effort to move far more people under publicly financed rather than privately financed healthcare in the US. (Hardly anyone in the US talks about replacing private providers with public providers, as dominates in the UK.)

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