Doing Business in China

Michael Lee is on the verge of becoming the first American entrepreneur to build big in the world’s most populous country

From my article in the Oct. 2011 issue of Inc. magazine

Michael Lee is eerily quiet as his world comes down noisily around him. Packed into a cramped conference room in his company’s modest offices in Nanjing, China, Lee’s key managers are at one another’s throats. The more angrily they spit blame at one another for the disastrous, unsalvageable situation the company finds itself in, the more enervated Lee seems to become, until finally he is no more than a slumped statue following the action only with slight movements of his eyes….read more

2 thoughts on “Doing Business in China

  1. deidramarie says:

    Is there any updates on this? I've been following Mr. Lee's business career and I'm impressed by how much money he has made this year alone.—business consultant

  2. eloifarr says:

    What an interesting article. I feel like I was right there with him in China. I'm setting up a new business, and I wonder if he would recommend that we form an LLC.

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