Why US Green-Tech Firms Are Moving to China

Boston Power’s move reflects China’s willingness to provide incentives for companies in electric vehicles and other strategic industries

From my Sep. 9, 2011, article on the Technology Review Website

Many in the U.S. have an interest in getting clean-tech ventures off the ground. Among them are the government, capital markets, industry, and science labs. But China seems ready to do more on every front to make such projects happen, and to do it right now—without red tape or concern about economic turmoil.
     Leading-edge battery maker Boston Power appears to have come to that conclusion. The company is set to move to China, where the government is helping to cut the firm a $125-million deal that no one else is likely to match. The deal could leave the company poised to be a part of what could be a mushrooming market there in electric vehicles…..read more

2 thoughts on “Why US Green-Tech Firms Are Moving to China

  1. rain says:

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