You’re on the Verge of Getting a Cold: Can You Stop It in Its Tracks?

In Medium’s Elemental


Most common advice won’t work. Surprisingly, though, the research suggests there are two supplements that might help.

From my article in Elemental posted February 5, 2020

….As with vitamin C, research on whether taking zinc at the onset of cold symptoms can shorten or ease the illness has been somewhat mixed. Harri Hemilä, a physician and public health researcher, and the author of the seminal 2017 study and co-author of the classic 2005 study on vitamin C, also recently tried to settle the question on zinc, in this case with a randomized controlled trial that he carried out with colleagues on 88 people who came down with colds. The results, just published in January, were surprising and a bit confusing, Hemilä confesses….Read more

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