Billion Dollar Idea

The scientists at Emotiv have made a brain-wave-reading headset that lets you conjure entire worlds using nothing but your mind.  Now comes the hard part. 

From my cover story in the December 2008 issue of Inc. Magazine:

I’m sitting in a darkened room, attempting to move a large block with nothing but my thoughts. Move, damn you; I am your master. After a long moment, the block trembles a bit, then slowly skids toward me a few feet before stopping.
   Brain waves usually are monitored in hospitals or research labs, but I’m in a conference room at a company called Emotiv, where a few dozen scientists have developed a headset and software that quite literally reads my mind, allowing me play a sort of video game with nothing but sheer thought.  For $299, you and yours will very soon be able to vaporize onscreen enemies with an angry thought, have your online characters smile when you smile, and see video games react to your level of excitement. And that’s just for starters. Backed by some impressive partners, Emotiv has a long-range strategy that sounds like a business-school case study from the 22nd century….  read more

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